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fotos The Tumulus of Çeç

Çeç Tumulus near AvanosThe city of Nevşehir and its neighborhood is very enriched and famous for tumulus tombs. Because of some of them becoming too flat, it is very difficult to understand if it is a tumulus or not. In case of this, some of them are just like a second magnificent mountain bulk. There are lots of small tumuli tombs in Ürgüp, Avanos and Özkonak. In addition to these places, "Tumulus of Çeç" which is in the west of Avanos is very famous in these areas. Between 1968-1969 archaeological excavation was made in two of the small tombs on the way to Kayseri-Aksalur. According to the president of this excavation Mr. Gürkün Toklu, they belonged to Galata's people. A tumulus which is excavated by Mehmet Eskioğlu and the tumulus of Beştepe, by Hamdi Kodan is dated to the Hellenistic period in Kayseri. As its seen, all these tumuli are built in different times and some of them are built from soil and the others from stones. And all these show different cultures.

In addition to all these things, we can see the tumulus of Çeç as the biggest tomb of Nevşehir but there is also some uncertainty surrounding the tombs. Because nobody knows when or who built this tomb. The diameter is 300 - 350 and it's height is 30 m, and because it's that magnificent, it's very important to history.

cec.jpg (34871 bytes)It is too difficult to understand some historical mysteries in this area. Because there is only one tomb as measures and stone blocks. According to the people who live around this place: "years ago there was a king... " and as understanding it was built for a king. Even this tomb is a subject to some stories and legends. It may be the tomb of King Andros. . . looking at its dimension it's understood so easy. But all the scientific evidences are different from each other. It is said, these tombs were a place for religious meetings or a meteorological station to search the sky's movements, as well as being a kings tomb. When you look at this tumulus of Çeç, it is understood that it was built for an important man or thing and also that the death anniversary was very important in those times.

In our opinion, to understand of mystery of Çeç it is necessary to search culture's material which was about at that time. We're sure that the history of Çeç and Avanos is written in those cultural material. And also it can be easily understood that these tombs are not belong to Phrygians or Lydians. Because, Phrygians were used soil just like these tombs and the tomb of Alyattes in Sardis, is also very different from Çeç. Perhaps Çeç was built for the prayer of Zeus but we can also think that this tomb can be for a Cappadocia's king. If it is so, we can say that this Çeç tomb is for Ariobarzane II who lived in Cappadocia in the years of BC 63-52.

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