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NevşehirNevşehir is a modern town set very close to the wonders of Cappadocia but without much of it's landscape to be seen. It is the administrative capital of the region and has a huge market running from Friday to Monday every week.

Nevşehir was founded by Damat Ibrahim Paşa (1662-1730) who came from the village of Muşkara and achieved fame and fortune as grand vizier to Sultan Ahmet III. After producing many fine buildings to Damat İbrahim Paşa Mosqueenhance the glory of the Sultan in Istanbul he returned home to found a new city (Nevşehir in English is new city). The complex he built in what is now central Nevşehir consisted of a mosque, seminary, school, library, fountain and hamam (Turkish bath). Some of these buildings, and the beautiful paintings which decorate the interior still survive. You will see the name of Ibrahim Paşa everywhere in Cappadocia where establishments from colleges to tea houses commemorate the contribution of this local boy to his country and his home town.

Nevşehir is crowned by an Ottoman citadel. Only a few ruined walls survive but there is a fine view and local handmade lace is sold around the citadel.

Just on the outskirts of Nevşehir is the hamlet of Nar where the cave houses are still occupied by families, there are no rock churches in Nar and so very few tourists ever visit.

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