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Views of Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği

divrigi-hospital_small.jpg (2028 bytes)
Western facade of the mosque and hospital
divrigi-cami_small.jpg (2216 bytes)
The Great Mosque
divrigi-hospital-courtyard_small.jpg (2083 bytes)
The enclosed courtyard of the hospital
divrigi-hospital-detail_small.jpg (2154 bytes)
Detail from the ceiling of the hospitals courtyard
divrigi-westportal_small.jpg (2478 bytes)
West portal
of the mosque
divrigi-kapi-n_small.jpg (2642 bytes)
North portal
of the mosque
divrigi-kapi-n2_small.jpg (3118 bytes)
Detail from the north portal
of the mosque
divrigi-eagle_small.jpg (2945 bytes)
Double-headed eagle on the western portal
of the mosque
divrigi-kapi-w2_small.jpg (2867 bytes)
West portal
of the mosque
divrigi-kapi-w_small.jpg (2391 bytes)
West portal
of the hospital

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