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Turkey's Mystical Landscape

By Bill Heavey
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, January 11, 1998; Page E01
A good way to see Cappadocia is to take two- or three-day bus tours to major sites offered by the many companies in every little town, then strike out on your own. In Goreme, another town that makes a good base of operations, we decide to splurge on a couple of nights at the Ataman Hotel. Some of the hotel's rooms were carved into the rock two centuries ago, right next to a couple of rock spires rising out of the hillside. The vaulted chambers have been outfitted with electric lights, minibars and large bathrooms (with tubs, a rarity in Turkey) and decorated with local carpets and kilims. It's a nice combination -- the slightly monastic feel of the bare stone but with comfortable beds and plenty of beer and wine in the fridge.
In Goreme, the Ataman Hotel (011-90-384-271-2310) is a splurge, but worth it. For $120, you get the room, breakfast buffet and dinner for two in one of the better kitchens in town.

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