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fotos Rafting in Zamanti River

rafting on Zamanti river

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As interest in nature oriented tourism activities rises, sports practiced without harming nature gain importance. Rafting is one of these sports which represents a most gentlemanly competition.

Mankind for centuries has been attracted by the beauty of rivers and turned them into sources of life. Today, he is in need of challenging their exuberance and pitting body and mind against this natural force.

The birth of rafting doubtlessly began when man first grasped a branch floating on a river. Today, rafting is a popular sport in the world. This sport which is practiced in rapid rivers with 4 to 12 people on inflated boats made of thick latex material requires a combination of man's physical energy, mind, geographical control and physical and psychological endurance. The only protection the sportsmen have in this struggle against nature is life vests and helmets.

Arriving at the goal is the ultimate fulfillment after struggling against the wild current of a river despite all difficulties. Exploring the unspoiled nature guided by the river is the greatest pleasure that one experiences with rafting.

Many rivers in Turkey are suitable for rafting and canoe sports. In Cappadocia Zamantı River is the best for the rafting.


The River Zamantı is very dense at Taurus Mountains and flows in places through very narrow and deep valleys. There are two natural bridges on the river 4 km to the west of Yeşilköy, having a distance of I km from each other. Yeşilköy Falls exists at the mouth of the first ground bridge. The second one is longer / larger than the first one. The river flows under this limestone bridge which is 100 meter.

Rafting is done on the part of the River Zamantı flowing through Aladağlar National Park. Derebağ Fall, 10 km from the town of Yahyalı, creates a natural beauty with its appearance.

The distance between Kayseri and Yahyalı is 70 km on Mt. Erciyes road and 106 km on Yeşilhisar road. The distance between Yahyalı and Kapuzbaşı Falls is 65 km and most part of the road is a pathway.

When, by way of this trail the place where the water falls exist is reached a wonder of nature hidden at this corner of Aladağlar, will meet the visitor.

There is a set of water falls flowing with a roar down the slopes of the valley to the east and south of the hill called Ensenin Tepe near Kapuzbaşı village, bewildering the viewers. The water, originating as springs from the slopes of the valley and forming water falls, discharges into Suarası Deresi and then joins the River Zamantı.

There are seven sets of lakes, five of which are big and two of which are small, and each has an average height of 40-60 m and has enough water to feed one stream.

Although the place of origin is the same groundwater, they come out from different places. Had they come out from one place, they, certainly, would have been among the biggest / largest falls of the world.

Forming a set of falls side by side in a narrow and deep valley, having its water in abundance throughout the year and having considerable heights, Kapuzbaşı waterfalls are among the major falls in the country.

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