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The first information about Köroğlu depends on the Book of Travels of Evliya Çelebi. According to the book of travel, there is one Köroğlu, a poet who became famous by playing çöğür (a popular instrument played with a plectrum) and by singing in the Corps of Janisseries, and one Köroğlu who waylaid in the mountains. 

It is deemed that Köroğlu lived in the 16th century and he is accepted as an epic hero famous for his equality, justice and personality supporting the poor people.

Regards from me to the master of Bolu
We should climb the mountains
From neighing of the horses, the sound of the pike
We should give sound and call out to the mountains
The enemy came, formed themselves into lines
My black destiny is written in my forehead
The rifle is invented, bravery died
The curved sword should rust in its sheath
Does Köroğlu lose his glory?
He separates most from bravery
The white horse foam, the enemy from its blood
Shalwar should become wet
Some at the fountain
Some at the start
Wearing red in the 15
Especially blue
Some wander at the mountains
Some counts her pearls
The one wearing red breaks my heart
Especially blue
Some gather woods
Some make coffee
The one wearing red takes my mind
Especially blue
Köroğlu tells what shall happen
The will of God shall realize
The one in blue shall be mine
Especially blue

by the Ministry of Culture