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Konya Fasillar

Fasıllar monument lays on the western skirt of a small hill that is in the south of Fasıllar Village of Beyşehir District of Konya. Ramsay has issued this monument with the name Fasıllar. It is estimated to have a weight of 70 tons and is made of basalt. The short distance between the monument and the quarry, where it has been made, shows that this monument has been made for another place, but left at that location which is not suitable, for any reasons. There is a god, two lions and a second god, which is less important than the first god on the monument.

The God has put one of his feet on the lion and the other (left) on the mountain god. Just beside the mountain god, another lion depiction, which is similar to the other lion, is made.

Some parts of the monument is not detailed and some parts of it are very roughly made and this shows that this monument has been prepared to be put at a location that can be seen from very long distances.

Hittites generally make the monuments by smoothing a side of a natural rock and ornamenting this side with relieves. But in Fasıllar monument, depiction is made on a single large block.

Since the figures on the monument resemble the figures in Eflatunpınar and the orthostates in Alacahöyük, it is thought that they belong to the Period of Tuthalia the 4th.


Source: T.C. Ministry of Culture
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