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Konya Ethnography Museum

The building, which has been constructed for education purposes, is opened to service as Ethnography Museum in 1975. In the basement of the three - floored building, photography section, archive, goods and study work warehouses, boiler room and the carpet - kilim section, for which the works are still being carried out and which is planned to be opened in 1998, are located.

In the ground floor, exhibition hall and Dr. Mehmet Önder Conference Hall are located; in the first floor administrative services, library and work warehouses are located.

In the exhibition hall, the ethnographic works belonging to Konya and its surroundings, which have been provided to the museum by purchase, donation and transfer from other museums, are exhibited.

Among the exhibited works, there are embroideries, sacks of various sizes and types, ornamented bundles, hand towels, drawstrings, hand painted cloth samples, samples from last period Turkish clothes, bindallı, wedding cloth, short jacket, robe, underwear and shalwar samples, woman ornamental goods, belt buckles, bracelets, fez hangers, cap samples, coffee cup and envelopes, coffee box, coffee pans, coffee mills, coffee set samples; metal, glass and porcelain kitchen pots, recovery and bath pots, candelabrum, censer, rose water cup samples; prayer bead samples made of various materials, materials used in calligraphy and writing set; drawer, bookrest, hand writings, writing plate samples; wooden mother - of - pearl inlaid hall set and drawer samples; carpet - kilim and rug samples belonging to Seljuk, Ottoman and Republic Periods; arrows, bows, arrow cases, daggers, swords and flint - pistol, capsule - pistol and rifles and their auxiliary gun materials belonging to Ottoman and Republic Periods.

Source: T.C. Ministry of Culture
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