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Sille Aya - Elena Church

Sille is a residence unit that is 7 km to the city center, connected to Selšuk District of Konya Province.

327 years after the birth of Christ, mother of Byzantine Emperor Helena has stopped at Konya while going to Jerusalem for pilgrimage and seen the carved temples belonging to the first periods of Christianity and decided to have a temple built in Sille for the Christians. She has been present in the base laying ceremony of this temple, on behalf of Mihail Arkhankolos. The church has been repaired for centuries and reached today.

A Turkish repair inscription written on the internal structure of the church with Greek letters provide information relating to the history of the church. This inscription is dated 1833. On the same inscription, there is an inscription of three lines indicating that the church has been repaired for the fourth time in Sultan Mecit Period.

The church has been constructed with smoothly cut Sille stone. There are rooms carved into rocks in its courtyard. The external nartex is entered from the door of the church opening towards north. Here, two - directioned stone stairs going to the women's part are located. The main dome of the church is on four elephant legs and the church has three nephs. There is a wooden preaching aisle which is ornamented with plaster in the church and the wooden plastered cage separating the abscissa and the main location is an artistic masterpiece. There are pictures of Christ, Mary and the disciples on dome transitions and bearer legs.


Source: T.C. Ministry of Culture
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