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library-oneend.jpg (7629 bytes)We went to forget that the lands which are Turkey today were the center of the ancient world in terms of art, culture and science. These peaks of human civilization are now brought into focus again by Maestro Press with the first publication in its Cultural Monument series. Prepared by a selected team of researchers, writers and photographers, Turkey from one end to the other looks at Turkey’s past from new and striking angles. This is no ordinary travel guide or rehashed account of old facts, but the rediscovery of the time-misted world which lies behind the surviving stones and artifacts which we see today. The object of this book is to compile this cultural legacy into a fascinating picture of the past. Two different methods have been used in the preparation of the book, whose first part concentrates on answering the question, How would writers, poets and painters depict Turkey’s geography and people?. Contributions are by short story writer and novelist Tarık Dursun (Turkey’s mountains), poet Aydın Hatipoğlu (rivers), short story write Adnan Özyalçıner (plains and alpine pastures), poet Turgay Fişekçi (vegetation), poet Sennur Sezer (wildlife), poet Eray Canberk (lakes), painter Gürol Sözen (sea and coasts) and writer Necati güngör (people).

Turkey’s history, architecture, cultural structure and other aspects requiring expert knowledge have been discussed in articles by well-known scholars in various fields: Metin Sözen, Cengiz Bektaş, Nuri Akbayar, Mustafa Eren, Necdet Sakaoğlu, Faruk Pekin, Kandemir Konduk, Kürşat Ekrem Uykucu and Sabri Koz. All the written material is illustrated by the work of 31 leading Turkish photographers, who have looked at their subjects from fresh perspectives.

Sponsored by Aygaz A.Ş (Koç Holding) and Birlik Çelik Ticareti A.Ş. (Borusan Holding) this is a book which carries us on journey through the center of the ancient world from past to present, visiting its mountains, seas, plains, daily life and cultures.


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