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Tracing the history of Cappadocia

library-kapadokya.jpg (14512 bytes)Cappadocia’s fascinating landscape and rock churches attract many thousands of tourists every year, and the region has been the subject of many books. Cappadocia, which has been published by the Ayhan Şahenk Foundation sponsored by Körfezbank, differs from its predecors in covering each period of Cappadocia’s history in the light of the latest research, and putting the region in the context of its time.

Edited by Prof. Metin Sözen, and designed and produced by Ersu Pekin and Ayşe Sümer, the book consist of two main sections. Scholars and experts discuss the geography of the region in the first section, and its history from prehistoric times through the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman eras in the second section, examining how each culture influenced its successors.

Published in both English and Turkish editions, the book is illustrated by 667 photographs, the majority taken by Hadiye Cangökçe, some by Nusret Nurdan Eren, Ersin Alok and Firdevs Sayılan, and others provided by museums and archives. The 10 maps and 11 drawings are the work of Prof. Dr. Veli Sevin and architect Metin Keskin, providing lavish visual documentation for this scholarly work.

The book enables the reader to understand the flow of cultures through the region over the centuries, and gives insight into its many aspects. Numerous artefacts and works of art found in Cappadocia and now in diverse museums can be seen here together, the whole forming an indispensable source of information about the fascinating region.


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