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PÜRENLİ SEKİ KİLİSESİ (Church with the Terrace)

If you follow the path in the direction of Ağaçaltı, at about 150m after the fallen rocks you will see the church located nearly 25 m above the level of the river. It is composed of an entrance, a burial chamber and a double naos, separated by pillared arcades, each having an apse. The church is covered by frescoes classified as "archaic" but characterised by exquisite details, a strong sense of design and amazing freedom of expression.

SÜMBÜLLÜ KİLİSE (The Hyacinth Church)

On arriving at the bottom of the stairs follow the path along the river but in the opposite direction. After walking for about 30 m you will find a flight of concrete steps leading up to the church. It is easily recognised by its distinctive facade. It is located just under the restaurant terrace, but belongs to the

EĞRİTAŞ KİLİSESİ (The Church with a Crooked Stone)

Coming back down to the river level you continue along the path until you reach an old bridge. Crossing the bridge turn right and walk for about 500 m to reach the church, leaving the Kokar Church a little behind you on the other side. Before Eğritaş Kilisesi you pass another church on the left named Karanlıkkale Kilisesi (the Church of the Dark Tower).

Eğritaş Church is one of the most important churches in the Valley with several rare frescoes of distinctive style. The Church consist of a vaulted chapel with an apse and burial chapels down below. The ceiling of the Church is covered by a large Cross similar to the one found in Kokar Church, with three rows of frescoes on either side. The frescoes, some of them badly damaged, depict the Washing of Feet, the Denial by Peter, the Virgin at the Well, and the Agony in the Garden.

Eğritaş Church, generally regarded as the oldest church in Ihlara Valley, displays features strongly reminiscent of the pre-Iconoclastic art of the Christian east.

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