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If you want to learn more about Seljuk Caravanserais we can recommend the following book of Cengiz Bektaş. There are 3 pages as an example:


Natural Roads of Anatolia

All roads lead to İstanbul
What the Seljuks saw
The first State Guarantee in History
From İzmir to Van with a Pot of Gold on your Head

About Buildings of the Caravanserai Type

What distinguishes caravanserais from their predecessors
The functions of the caravanserais
Certificate of foundation of the Karatay caravanserai
Who had caravanserais built, who did the work and when were they built ?
The point of view in terms of history of art and architecture

Types of Caravanserais

Why are the surviving caravanserais deserted ?
The condition of surviving caravanserais
Could a function not be found for the caravanserais today ?

My Proposal... (How to visit the caravanserai in cultural tours...)

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