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map of ÇatThe initial settlement in the region is estimated to have started in Neolithic Era between 8000-5500 B.C. Being the homeland of Hittite civilization during 17-12th century B.C, the region was inhabited by the Phrygians. After it had been ruled by the Meds, Persians, Cappadocian Kingdom and King Dikran respectively, the region was connected to Romans together with the entire Cappadocian region in 17 A.D. Following the attacks of the Sassanian and Arabians in 11 th century, the Anatolian Seljuks established their dominance in the region. Afterwards, Ottoman State declared their rule overe the region in 15th century.

Known as Çat at present, the region is located at the junction point of the Güvercinlik, Karayatak and Fırınasma valleys covered with the assorted hues of green during the spring times. Composed of 650 houses, the current population of the region is 2700. In the course of millions of years, the land was exposed to various volcanic explosions as a result of which layers of tuff were formed. Then on, these layers were exposed to erosion by rain and the waters of lakes and rivers, resulting in fantastic formations that we see today as Fairy Chimneys. The most peculiar feature of the Fairy Chimneys in Çat is their difference to that of the types-columnar, hat-like of fairy chimneys located in Göreme, Zelve and Ürgüp. The shapes of these formations exceed the widest imagination since they have been resembled to a lion, a bird, a crocodile or a fish, and sometimes to a stone dinosaur...

Throughout the valley, there are several churches that were engraved into rocks. Furthermore the graves of those who lived in Örenönü-Koyak locality 3km from the region can also be seen. Besides the bewildering fairy chimneys and rock churches, Çat valley also receive great attention with the dovecotes built into the slopes. Having being adorned with cultural decorations by the artists of the region during the previous centuries, these dovecotes were built to be benefited from the dungs of the doves.

The rich panorama is not the only opportunity that the region offers to those who come to enjoy the beauties of the area. Çat also provides promenade areas and favourable paths for horseback riding and cycling. The people of the region make their living through agriculture, in which viniculture has an important place among the others. Due to the fertile vineyards of the Çat region, the exquisite grapes of the Cappadocian region and our country flourish here. As a conclusion if space seems so remote, a conclusion, if space seems so remote, come to experience the ethereal and un worldly miracles of the Mother Nature in Cappadocia.

Çat Municipality
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