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The Seven Churches of Revelation
(Asia Minor)

St. John recorded letters to the Seven churches in Asia, as part of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Exiled on the island of Patmos as he saw visions and recorded them, he must have longed to be able to visit the churches in person to deliver his message. The letters he wrote would have been carried on the circular route shown on the map, the order in which they appear in Revelation, and which was the main trade route of the time. The region is now the westernmost part of Turkey.

The World of Revelation

The world of Revelation is one full of strange visions and symbols, many of which we find it hard to understand. However, by visiting the cities to which these letters were sent, we can discover some of the meaning.

Why are we doing this? Mostly because the messages to the seven churches of revelation have much to say to the church of today. Though they are deep in history, they represent the local churches of all ages and of all lands.

The cities of the 7 churches:
City Letter
Ephesus (Efes) Letter of Love
Smyrna (İzmir) Letter of Suffering
Pergamum (Bergama) Letter of Truth
Thyatira (Akhisar) Letter of Holiness
Sardis (Sart) Letter of Reality
Philadelphia (Alaşehir) Letter of Opportunity
Laodicea (Laodike) Letter of Wholeheartedness
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