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Museum of The Republic
(Second Turkish Grand National Assembly Building)

Because of the insufficiency of the first Grand National Assembly building and its not meeting the demands of the developing republic's assembly, this building, which was planned to be Cumhuriyet Halk Fırkası (The Republican People's Party) by architect Vedat Tek in 1924, was started to be used as the Second Turkish Grand National Assembly after some additions, on 18th October, 1942.

The Second Turkish Great National Assembly had performed its function from 1924 till 27th May, 1960, for a period of thirty-six years in this building, where Atatürk's principles and revolutions, and the transition to the system with more than one party were made real; many important decisions for the development of the Republic were taken, contemporary lows and agreements rising Turkey's effectiveness and respectability in international platform were made.

After the assembly had moved to its new, modern building in 1961, the building was assigned to CENTO. It was used as the Central Office of Cento between 1961-1979 until it was abolished and transferred to the Ministry of Culture the same year. It was decided to rearrange the front part as the Museum of Republic and to use the back part as the service building of the General Directorate of Ancient Monuments and Museums.

After repairings and restorations it was rearranged and opened as the Museum of Republic on 30th October, 1981.

The inner divisions of the building which is made up of two storys over the basement, take place around the three sides of the Assembly Hall in the middle, rising lengthwise the two storys. After the entrance, a wide passageway with stairs at its two sides takes place transversally. In upstairs, this part is covered with a ceiling decorated with Seljuk and Ottoman motives. The Assembly Hall which is occupied by loges in some parts, was taken in the same way, too. Especially, the wooden panels which consist of interlacing star compositions are the reflections of the general characteristics of the First National Architectural Period. This is also seen in the front. Except the portal arranged at a later time, the arches, eaves and places covered with tiles had been occurred as the general understanding of the period.

Ministry of Culture
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