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Mapping Museum of Ministry of National Defense,
General Command of Mapping

Mapping Museum of the Ministry of National Defense, General Command of Mappings is initially inaugurated in 1971, covering relief maps and one sample of each old and currently being used instruments and materials.

In 1978, it is reorganized merely with annexure of a painting gallery and opened only for the staff of the General Command of Mapping and governmental establishments.

The Museum at its present location is started to be rearranged again in 1987 and completed and opened on 12nd May, 1990 in a manner to reflect the Turkish mapping history and culture for the benefit of the public and the interested professionals and scientists.

In the new arrangement, it is enriched with old surveying instruments, materials, archives with old surveying instruments, materials, archives and maps and charts provided within the country and abroad.

In addition, a room for honor quests, a map reading room containing all old and new maps and charts and publications relevant to mapping and a hall where exposed are relief maps produced for the first time by Turks in 1880 are annexed to the museum and the painting gallery covering the works of the professionals and cartographer Turkish painters is enlarged. A room specially reserved for atlases has provided the possibility of reviewing the old products.

Measures are taken for best maintenance of the works exhibited et the museum and furthermore preparation of a catalogue is initiated by means of loading the existing books, atlases, volumes and old maps in the computer.

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