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South facade
  1. Decorative frieze with the figures of a lion and some masks; on the gable the evangelist S. Luke
  2. Decorative band with everyday-life scenes
  3. High and low reliefs of various animals
  4. Saint Stephen Protomartyr
  1. Saint Stephen Protomartyr
  2. Sophonia the Prophet
  3. A non-identified prophet
  4. Elia the Prophet
  5. Jonah is thrown into the sea into the grasp of a fish
  6. Jonah addresses himself to the king
  7. The king of Nineveh
  8. The four figures represent the inhabitants of the city of Nineveh
  9. The fish
  10. Jonah succeeds in liberating himself and one can see him resting
  11. Isaac's sacrifice
  12. Moses the Prophet
  13. Two lambs
  14. The bust of a saint
  15. An angel
  16. Joel the Prophet
  17. Jesus Christ on the throne
  18. a saint
  19. Saint Nahum
  1. The Madonna on the throne with the baby Jesus
  2. The archangel Gabriel
  3. A deer
  4. The archangel Michel
  5. Two eagles
  6. A mythical animal
  7. A saint
  8. A human figure
  9. A solar wheel
  10. khatchkar
  11. A saint
  12. A winged lion
  13. Two bears and two hares
  14. A saint
  15. Saint Isaac, prince of the Artzrouni, martyred by the arabs in the year 786
  16. Hamazasp Artzrouni also martyred together with prince Isaac
  17. A saint
  18. A mythical animal
  19. An eagle which kills a pigeon
  20. Elia the Prophet
  21. King Saul of Israel
  22. Samuel the Prophet
  23. David the Prophet
  24. A deer
  25. The giant Goliath