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North facade
  1. Decorative frieze with animal figures, some masks and a lion
  2. Decorative band with representations and scenes of everyday-life, with animal figures and plants
  3. high reliefs of animals, respectively from left to right: an eagle, an ox, a deer, an eagle, an ox, a decorative motif composed of figures of fish, a deer, an animal, a bird, an animal, and three animals
  4. Sanson kills a Philistine
  1. The Evangelist Saint Mark
  2. Sanson kills a Philistine
  3. Saint
  4. Saint
  5. Saint
  6. Saint
  7. Ezekiel the Prophet
  8. Two cocks in combat
  9. A man (Samson?) kills a lion
  10. A mermaid
  11. A camel
  12. An eagle hunts a hare
  13. Two peacocks
  14. Two sheep
  15. Hezekiah king of Judea
  16. Isaiah the Prophet
  17. Adam and Eve
  18. Eve, the tree of life and the four-legged serpent
  19. Saint Ciriacus
  1. Saint Theodore kills a dragon
  2. A bust of a saint
  3. Saint Sergius kills a panther
  4. Hosea the Prophet
  5. Saint George kills a binded man
  6. Two lions and a fox
  7. A man who kills a lion
  8. A saint
  9. A a bear eating fruit
  10. A lion attacking a bull
  11. David the Prophet with a lion
  12. A goat
  13. Hananiah
  14. Mishael
  15. Azariah
  16. an angel holding Habakkuk the Prophet by his hair
  17. Daniel the Prophet between two lions
  18. Amos the Prophet