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Special Parks in Izmir (Smyrna)

Kültürpark, the main park of the city, offers many different activities. ft is the site for the International İzmir Fair and contains an amusement park, zoo, restaurant and quiet gardens.

Olaf Palme Park, situated in Karşıyaka, is a relaxing place to stop. It also offers some sports facilities. Next door, Adnan Saygun Park, a center for artistic activities, contains an amphitheatre for concerts and theatrical productions, and also the Open-Air Museum Park, which has statues scattered throughout the grounds.

Insan Haklari (Human Rights) Park has lovely modem statues, including the huge Flying Dolphin Monument. Muammer Aksoy Park is a lovely seaside park with a nice view of İzmir Bay.

Turgut Özal Recreation Park, located in Bayraklı, offers a number of recreational and sporting activities.


Source: T.C. Ministry of Tourism
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