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Other Monuments in Izmir (Smyrna)

The excavations at Bayraklı have unearthed a temple dedicated to Athena, and the wall of the lonian city which flourished here between the seventh and fifth centuries B.C. Pottery dating to the third millennium B.C. has also been uncovered.

On Kadifekale, Mt. Pagos, stands the impressive ruins of a castle and its walls, built by Lysimachus in the reign of Alexander the Great, which still dominate İzmir today. The castle offers an excellent vantage point to enjoy the magnificent view over the Gulf of İzmir.

An 18th century Ottoman inn, the Kızlarağası Han, a fine example of the architecture of the period, is being restored to its former glory.

The symbol of İzmir, the Saat Kulesi, or Clock Tower, stands in Konak Square - the heart of the city. A gift from the Sultan Abdülhamid, and built in 1901, it is decorated in an elaborate; late-Ottoman style.

Restored old houses fill the old Asansör quarter, also known as the Jewish quarter. In this quarter, Dario Moreno Sokağı is the main pedestrian street to the Asansör, an elevator from the 19th century which is fifty-one meters in height, and provides access between the lower and upper streets. Situated on the upper side, the Asansör restaurant offers a beautiful view of İzmir.

If you find yourself on Havra Sokak in Kemeraltı, notice the old buildings and synagogues.

In the center of Cumhuriyet Meydanı, or Republic Square, stands the Atatürk Monument, an impressive statue of Atatürk sitting on a horse and facing the sea. Erected in 1933, the Monument commemorates the liberation of the city by Turkish Forces.

Standing in Karşıyaka, The Flying Dolphins is a monument that symbolises friendship and brotherhood.


Source: T.C. Ministry of Tourism
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