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Art, Culture and Entertainment in Izmir (Smyrna)

Ýzmir has for many years enjoyed a reputation as a cosmopolitan and cultural city. The Izmir Cultural Center hosts performances of opera, ballet and musical concerts, and the city is home to the Aegean Philharmonic Orchestra as well as a thriving theatrical scene. During the annual Ýzmir International Festival, international and Turkish artists perform at various venues in the city and surrounding area, including the theatre at Ephesus. Alsancak (Punta), with traditional restored houses, has been converted into a pedestrian entertainment walkway, with bars, cafes and restaurants.

Ýzmir International Fair, which is an international amusement and industry show, opens each year in August.

Take a horse-drawn carriage along the promenade during the day; afterwards spend the evening absorbing the lively atmosphere of the bars and cafes around Passport Pier.


Source: T.C. Ministry of Tourism
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