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Other Museums in Istanbul


Aviation museumThe Aviation Museum in Yeşilköy traces the development of air flight in Turkey. (Open every day except Monday.)

The great field tents used by the Ottoman armies on campaigns are displayed in the Military Museum. Other exhibits include Ottoman weapons and the accoutrements of war. The Mehter Takımı (Ottoman military band) perform Ottoman martial music between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. (Open every day except Monday and Tuesday.)

The house in which Atatürk lived in Şişli now serves as the Atatürk Museum and displays his personal effects. (Open every day except Saturday and Sunday.)

In the Beşiktaş district the Naval Museum displays the great imperial caiques in which the sultans were rowed across the Bosphorus, as well as many other interesting exhibits of Ottoman naval history (Open every day except Monday and Thursday.)

Also in Beşiktaş, the Museum of Fine Arts displays Turkish paintings and sculptures from the end of the l9th century to the present day. (Open every day except Monday and Tuesday.)

Located within the gardens of Yıldız Palace, the City Museum preserves and documents the history of Istanbul since the Ottoman conquest. (Open every day except Thursday.)

Also within the gardens are the Yıldız Palace, Theatre and the Historic Stage Costumes Museum, with its richly decorated scenery and stage, and its exquisite costumes.

Rahmi Koç Industry Museum, in the suburb of Hasköy on the coast of the Golden Horn, an Ottoman-period iron- and steel-works building formerly called Lengerhane, it houses industrial development exhibits. (Open every day except Monday).

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