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Letter from Egyptian King Ramses II to Hittite Queen Puduhepa
Boğazköy (Hattusa)

Hittie Empire, 13th century B.C.
Baked clay. h:15.2 cm. w:9.7cm. th: 3.5 cm

Ankara. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, 136-1-88


27 lines on front face, 4 on back. Tablet dark grey in colour, restored from two pieces. Although Queen Puduhepa, the wife of the Hittite King Hattusili III, played a very important role in diplomatic correspondence between the Egyptian and Hittite states, only a single letter is known written by Queen Naptera, wife of Ramses II. The contents of this letter are as follows:

The great Queen Naptera of the land of Egypt speaks thus: Speak to my sister Puduhepa, the Great Queen of the Hatti land. I, your sister, (also) be well!! May your country be well. Now, I have learned that you, my sister, have written to me asking after my health. You have written to me asking after my health. You have written to me because of the good friendship and brotherly relationship between your brother, the king of Egypt, The Great and the Storm God will bring about peace, and he will make the brotherly relationship between the Egptian king, the Great King, and his brother, the Hatti King, the Great King, last for ever... See, I have sent you a gift, in order to greet you, my sister... for your neck (a necklace) of pure gold, composed of 12 bands and weighing 88 shekels (8*88=704 gr.), coloured linen maklalu-material, for one royal dress for the king... A total of 12 linen garments.

WEIDNER 1917, 78; FRIEDRICH 1925, 23; Ün 1989, 3-6 (Kbo 129+Kbo XXIX 43)


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