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Letter from Egyptian King Ramses II to Hittite Queen Puduhepa
Boğazköy (Hattuşa)

Hittite Empire, 13th century BC.
Language: Akkadian
Baked clay. h: 8.5 cm.,w: 6.7cm. th: 2.6 cm.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums, BO. 1231


Piece from the upper left corner of the tablet. On the back face there is no writing at the lower left, and the upper right face is broken. Queen Puduhepa had equal rights and authority with her husband, the Great King Hattusili III, and that, always by his side, she performed her duties independently. In particular, letters sent to her personally from the Egyptian King Ramses II are word for the same as those he sent to her husband Hattusili III. Extracts from a letter sent from Ramses II to Queen Puduhepa, in which he addressed her as Great Queen and my sister are as follows:

The Great King, the king of Egypt, son of the Sun, Ramses beloved of Amon, speaks thus: Speak to the queen of the Hatti land, the great Queen Puduhepa: See then, I, your brother, am well. My houses, my sons, my armies, my horses, my chariots and the things in my lands, are very well (in comfort). May you, my sister,(also) be well! May your houses, your sons, your armies, your horses, your chariots, your nobles, and the things in your lands be very very well! Speak thus to my sister: Look now! My messengers have come to me together with my sister’s messengers and have brought me news that my brother, the king of the Hatti land, the Great King, is in good health... Speak thus to my sister: The great King, the king of the Hatti land, has written to me thus: ‘Let the people come to pour sweet-smelling oil on my daughter’s head and let them take her to the house of the Great King, the king of Egypt, my brother. ‘Look now! My brother wrote thus to me. This decision written to me by brother is wonderful. The Sun God has approved of him. The Weather God has approved of him. And the Egyptian gods and the Hatti gods have approved of him for making this fine decision in order to join two great lands into one forever...

EDEL 1953.262-273 (KUB lll 63).


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