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Prayer of Queen Puduhepa to the Sun Goddess or Arinna
Boğazköy (Hattusa)

Hittite Empire, 13th century BC.
Language: Hittite (cuneiform)
Baked clay. h:21.7 cm. w:17.7cm. th:6 cm.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums, Bo.2125 + 2370+8159

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Upper edge and corners intact. Tablet restored from many pieces, but still with fragments missing and deep cracks. In Hittite texts, Queen Puduhepa is always portrayed as a dependable wife, in war and peace, in sickness and health, to her husband. King Hattusili III. It is known from documentary sources that the king had a weak constitution, and the queen lived in fear of losing him at any time, so she frequently made prayers to the gods for her beloved husband to have a long and healthy life, and made valuable offerings to them. Here, Queen Puduhepa beseeches the Sun Goddess of Arinna:

...To the Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady, the mistress of the Hatti lands, the queen of earth and heaven. O Sun Goddess of Arinna: but in the land which you made the Cedar land you bear the name Hepat. I, Puduhepa, am a servant of you from of old, a heifer from your stable, a foundation stone (upon which) you (can rest). You, my lady, reared me and Hattusili, your servant, to whom you espoused me, was closely associated with the Storm God of Nerik, your beloved son... The festivals of you, the gods, which they had stopped, the old festivals, the yearly ones and the monthly ones, they shall celebrate for you, the gods. Your festivals, O gods, my lords, shall never be stopped again! For all our days will we, your servant and your handmaid, worship you. This is what I, Puduhepa, your handmaid, lay in prayer before the Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady, the lady of Hatti lands, the queen of heaven and earth. Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady, yield to me, hearken to me! Among men there is a saying: ‘To a woman in travail the god yields her wish.’ Since I, Puduhepa, am a woman in travail and since I have devoted myself to your son, yield to me, Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady! Grant to me what I ask! Grant life to Hattusili, your servant! Through the good women and the mother goddesses long and enduring years and days shall be given to him.

GOETZE 1950b, 393-394 (KUB XXI 27)


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