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In the area between the Yılanlı and Karanlık churches, there is a labyrinth of monks’ cells and communal halls, together with the nameless church or the Chapel of the Tombs.

With a burial chamber for orphans, and the Göreme Chapel with an inscribed-cross plan. The entrances are closed from time for reasons of security.

The most interesting structure in this area is the large refectory, probably the best of its type. On the left, we see a long table and benches carved into rock ending in a concha which probably contained a fresco of the Last Supper. On the ground there is a large receptacle for pressing grapes. On the walls there are small niches serving as cupboards or as stands for oil-lamps. The refectory is connected to a kitchen and storerooms.

When leaving the refectory, we see the entrances to another refectory, a cavity and a chapel with four columns.

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